COGAIN Symposium:
Communication by Gaze Interaction

Wuppertal, Germany • August 19th and 21st, 2017

In collaboration with:

Important dates

Submission due: April 22nd
April 29th
Acceptance notice: May 13th
May 15th
Camera-ready: May 20th
May 29th
Registration: June 15th
Workshop: August 19th
Symposium: August 21st


General co-chairs
Andreas Bulling
Carlos H. Morimoto

Program co-chairs
John Paulin Hansen
Roman Bednarik

The 2017 COGAIN Symposium

The 2017 Meeting and Symposium on Communication by Gaze Interaction is being organized by the COGAIN Association and will take place at the Bergische Universit├Ąt Wuppertal, Germany, as part of the 19th European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM 2017). The event consists of the following points:

The COGAIN Symposium focuses on all aspects of gaze interaction, from general computer applications and gaze estimation systems to basic eye movement research that are related or might have impact on understanding and improving human communication with other humans and human interaction with machines. The symposium presents research that advances the state-of-the-art in these areas, leading to new capabilities in gaze interaction, gaze enhanced applications, gaze contingent devices, gaze tracking systems, eye movement data analysis, etc.

We invite authors to submit a two-page extended abstract (plus one page with references only) according to the information for authors. Topics of interest include all aspects of gaze interaction and communication by gaze including, but not limited to

  • Eye-controlled assistive technology
  • Gaze interfaces for wearable computing
  • Gaze-contingent devices
  • Gaze-aware applications
  • Gaze-enhanced games
  • Gaze interaction with mobile devices
  • Gaze interaction paradigms
  • Usability and UX evaluation of gaze-based interfaces
  • User context estimation from eye movements
  • Eye data quality and gaze estimation metrics
  • Eye movement data analysis
  • Eye movement classification algorithms
  • 3D gaze estimation
Special Theme: Gaze Interaction in Augmented and Virtual Reality

Eye Tracking technology is continuously evolving. In the past five years we have seen huge developments in wearable eye trackers, making them more comfortable, reliable, and easier to use. In parallel, AR and VR systems have also reached the consumer market. Combined, these two technologies create new possibilities for everyday gaze interaction applications.

We invite submissions that explore new gaze interaction strategies and gaze-aware applications that enhance current means of using AR and VR computing platforms, such as in attentive interfaces, gaming, augmented perception, and smart environment control.